ArmorBilt Rotary Jackhammer Demolition Drill Electric Chisel Kit

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If you're looking for the best deal for a portable and versatile jackhammer, this is what you're looking for. Highly adaptable with changeable chisel heads for your different construction and demolition needs. Can be used against concrete, steel, and wooden materials with an 800 RPM power output. You can do more with an efficient cooling system and a copper motor core that provides a consistent power output. You can work on steel or concrete no matter what - from kitchen extension projects to providing final touches for your clients, you're assured that you have the power and capability to finish it in no time. Designed with portability and ease-of-use you can bring this jackhammer anywhere you need it. Bring power and versatility wherever you go - whether it's on the site or at your friend's house, you can rest easy - you have what you need to finish the job. Designed as a compact system that can be used as a drill, jackhammer, or hammer drill you know you can finish it before the day ends. Fitted with an adaptable SDS fastening, you can use any SDS built chisel for your projects.


  • ArmorBilt Rotary Jackhammer Demolition Drill
  • Industry Built Body and Accessories
  • High-Power Output for Varying Projects
  • Versatility for Different Types of Projects
  • Portable and Easy Usability for Different Jobs
  • Built to Withstand Heavy Use On Tough Materials



Model BMJK-150
Voltage 240V - 50Hz
Motor Type Copper Induction Commercial Grade
Maximum Power 1800W
Current 7.5 Amps
Bear Mass 5.6kg
Strokes Under Load/min 4000
Full Load rpm 800
Cord Length 3000mm
Compatible Drill Bits All SDS Plus
Steel Drilling Capacity 13mm
Wood Drilling Capacity 42mm
Concrete Capacity 32mm
Included Carbide Drills 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Pointed Chisel Size 30mm x 250mm
Flat Chisel Size 30mm x 250mm
Keyed Drill Chuck Size 13mm
Package Contents
  • 1x Rotary Jackhammer
  • 1x Blow box
  • 1x Auxiliary Handle
  • 1x 8mm Carbide Drills
  • 1x 10mm Carbide Drills
  • 1x 12mm Carbide Drills
  • 1x Pointed Chisel
  • 1x Flat Chisel
  • 1x 13mm Drill Chuck

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