New Arrival Red Tip 3/32"x7"(2.4x175mm) Thoriated Tungsten WT20 2% Welding TIG Electrode Lower Electronic Functions Welding Rod

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Product Code: New Arrival Red Tip 3/32"x7"(2.4x175mm) Thoriated Tung
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Item specifics

  • Length:175mm
  • Operating Current:other
  • Welding Current:other
  • Operating Temperature:HIGH
  • Diameter:2.4mm
  • Application:Heat-resistant materials, corrosion resistant material
  • Material:thorium tungsten

Electrode Name: thorium tungsten electrode
Grade: WT20
Doping amount: 2%
Color: red
Diameter: 2.4mm / 3/32"
Length:175mm /7"
Quantity:1 Box( 10pcs)

Lower electronic functions
Crystallization at higher temperatures
Better conductivity
Good mechanical cutting performance
Easy arc starting, arc welding continuously
Welding process burning low
Due to the low welding current, use process does not splash, not the dregs
Electrode long service life
Thorium tungsten electrode easy to operate, even in overload current can be a good operation

Package included:
10pcs Thoriated Tungsten Welding TIG Electrode



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